Briars Frome - Briars Frome EP

Briars Frome EP

Briars Frome

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Briars Frome - Briars Frome EP

"Briars Frome"…….

A small village in deepest Norfolk….nothing exceptional about it, just a few houses, a pub, the parish church….and the grand old Manor house “Briars Court” watching over it all…..nothing exceptional…..but for one thing… disappeared.

…or rather, it was forgotten…no one went there and no one came from there. All memory of it in the surrounding villages began to fade and talk of it stopped, after a while it did not even appear on any signposts or maps of the area.

All of this began in 1963, shortly after Ray and Ron Verne bought and moved into Briars Court. The Verne Brothers were a rock and roll sensation and with their new found wealth they decided to buy a country house where they could record and party and enjoy all the things that being a rock and roll star in the 60’s could bring…

….but The Verne Brothers are also forgotten…

Now the road that once led to and from the village is overgrown, hidden, and the few cars that pass that way drive by unaware of what lies just beyond the heavy, dark treeline….

…..however, if you stand in the right place, at the right time, through the trees you can see the crumbling chimney stacks of the old Manor house and hear the dull sound of the old Church bell carried on the wind… the crows circle overhead…..


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  1. Briars Frome - (No) Welcome to Briars Frome
  2. Briars Frome - Cora's Lullaby
  3. Briars Frome - Black Carrion
  4. Briars Frome - Ellen's Lullaby
  5. Briars Frome - Sleep Walk
  6. Briars Frome - Briars Frome (Continuous Version)